We’ve been at it – adding more work to our online store.

Thank goodness for wi-fi. We have been able to work in separate locations with Meredith at her computer in the office and myself with the camera and a laptop in the store. I take the pictures and upload to a shared folder and then she moves them into the store software along with all the appropriate info.

Sounds like I got the easy end of the job doesn’t it?

I guess I did.  The only hard part of my end is taking good pictures of our glossy glazes. I haven’t yet gotten a good lighting system that will illuminate the work without leaving huge, glaring reflections on the pots. 

Today I’m taking more tile photos. Using a different background this time hoping to give the images a little more depth and allow better focus on the work.

Wish me luck.

Cheers, Mark

Whynot Pottery and Acacia Art Tile

Whew…. between my inexperience, Windows update re-starts, and general frustration with being a total WordPress newby it took me three hours to edit some text and add a simple page to this site.

I’m going to have to find more images to add to the site. And maybe a map.