We’ve found that we really don’t have the time it takes to keep an online store up and running. We post new work frequently on Facebook and have done well selling that way, but:

Use these email addresses to communicate about orders and provide shipping addresses.

Please do not use Facebook Messenger.

For tiles contact Meredith Heywood:  meredith@whynotpottery.com

For pottery contact Mark Heywood:   contact@whynotpottery.com


Payments can be made with a CC over the phone, check by mail, or through a Square electronic invoice sent to your email.

Never send us any CC or Bank information through FB or email.

After an order is placed, and before it is shipped, we can and often do send you picture for approval.

Shipping costs are calculated according to your address.

We add a packing fee of no less that 4.95 per box.

Exceptions: Over size items that require a box to be made will add to cost.

Shipping carriers: We use USPS for most items. Occasionally we will ship via UPS.

The USPS is within 2 miles of the shop.

UPS is a 20-minute drive both ways for us.

We’ve been at it – adding more work to our online store.

Thank goodness for wi-fi. We have been able to work in separate locations with Meredith at her computer in the office and myself with the camera and a laptop in the store. I take the pictures and upload to a shared folder and then she moves them into the store software along with all the appropriate info.

Sounds like I got the easy end of the job doesn’t it?

I guess I did.  The only hard part of my end is taking good pictures of our glossy glazes. I haven’t yet gotten a good lighting system that will illuminate the work without leaving huge, glaring reflections on the pots. 

Today I’m taking more tile photos. Using a different background this time hoping to give the images a little more depth and allow better focus on the work.

Wish me luck.

Cheers, Mark

Whynot Pottery and Acacia Art Tile

Whew…. between my inexperience, Windows update re-starts, and general frustration with being a total WordPress newby it took me three hours to edit some text and add a simple page to this site.

I’m going to have to find more images to add to the site. And maybe a map.